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Keeping up with the latest nutrition information can be hard enough, but when dietary changes are in order as a result of a health condition, drug or treatment, knowing what, when, and how to eat can become downright confusing.

A nutritionist or dietitian can help sort through all the information and can come up with a diet that suits your tastes, your schedule, and your medical situation.

Take care when choosing a nutritionist or dietitian. In most states, anyone can call him or her self a nutritionist or dietitian.

Health insurance may cover these services.

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A Nutritionist Versus A Dietitian

Both nutritionists and dietitians are health practitioners. There may or may not be a state licensing requirement for nutritionists or dietitians.
A nutritionist has comprehensive knowledge about: 

  • Nutrition and how it affects the human body
  • The specific nutritional properties of foods. 
A nutritionist may aid an individual in determining how best to manage his or her diet to minimize the effects of a treatment, for optimum health, for weight loss or gain, or to meet specific needs such as managing stress through nutrition.

In general, a dietitian works with health facilities developing diets for patients. A dietitian also works with patients with eating disorders or chronic conditions that prohibit normal intake of foods or who have conditions directly related to diet. Some dietitians also specialize in disease or treatment related treatment issues.


How Can I Locate A Nutritionist Or Dietitian?

Ask your doctor for a referral to the best person to advise you about nutrition and your diet - especially in light of your condition and/or treatment.

Talk with other people with your condition to see who they have used and what experience they have had.

Two organizations that certify nutritionists, and which provide members' names, are:

You can find a dietitian through the American Dietetic Association's website at offsite link or call 800.366.1655