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Before reading this article, please read about purchasing prescription drugs outside of the U.S. in general. See Purchasing Prescription Drugs Outside Of The U.S.

There are advantages to purchasing drugs in Mexico.

  • The price difference between Mexico and the US can be significant.
  • Medications are easier to obtain since prescriptions aren't necessary except for narcotics and other controlled substances.

On the other hand:

  • The drugs may look real, but be completely counterfeit.
  • Even if the active ingredient is correct, the filler used to complete the pill may be different from the U.S. This could affect the way your body absorbs the drug -- and thus the drug's effectiveness.
  • The drug may be real -- but beyond the period when it's effective.
  • There is no quality control. There is no way to tell the circumstances under which the drug was manufactured, shipped, or stored.
  • There is no way to know how what you're getting will react with the other drugs you take.