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Loneliness is about the way you see your relationship with other people. It is more of a state of mind than about the number of people with whom you have a relationship.

You may feel lonely, even when lots of people support and care for you. Here are some common feelings that provoke the feeling of lonelienss:

  • You feel like no one else understands what you're going through, even those you love and care about.
  • You feel distant from others. Or you find that your family and friends have a hard time dealing with your cancer.
  • You realize that you aren't able to take part in as many events and activities as you used to.

Although it may be harder some days than others, remember that you are not alone.  

  • Continue to do the things you've always done as best you can. 
  • If you want to, tell people that you don't want to be alone and that you welcome their visits. More than likely, your loved ones have feelings like yours. They may feel isolated from you and lonely if they are unable to talk with you.   
  • Reach out to people you care about or who have been part of your life in the past.
  • Speak with someone else going through the same thing you are. For tips on finding such a person, click here.
  • Consider joining a support group or self help group. In addition to the camaraderie, you will receive emotional support and likely practical tips.
  • Think about joining a group that advocates for people with your health condition.
  • Get involved to the extent you can in an activity in which you are interested. (Even if you are confined to bed, you can participate via the internet and telephone).
  • Consider getting a pet.
  • Keep in mind that God (however you define him or her) and your higher power is always with you.