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The steps to follow by either you or your partner to correctly put on a male condom are:

Step 1. Make sure the package and condom appear to be in good condition. Check to see that the expiration date has not passed.
Step 2. Open the package at one corner being careful not to tear the condom. Do not open the package with your teeth.
Step 3. Check the rolled condom to determine which way it unrolls.
Step 4. If the penis is uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin before putting on the condom.
Step 5. Place the rolled condom over the tip of the hard penis. If the condom does not have a reservoir top, pinch the tip of the condom enough to leave a half inch space for semen to collect. If the penis is not circumcised, pull back the foreskin before rolling on the condom.
Step 6. Pinch the air out of the condom tip with one hand. (Air bubbles which are trapped in a condom can make them break during intercourse). Unroll the condom over the penis with the other hand. Roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. Smooth out any air bubbles. (Air bubbles can cause a condom to break.)

If a condom doesn't unroll easily, you may be trying to put it on upside down. Take off the condom by holding it near the rim and sliding it off. Then start again.

If you want to use some extra lubrication, put a water based lubricant on the outside of the condom. An oil-based lubricant will cause the latex to break.