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How To Manage Fatigue


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While you may not be able to eliminate fatigue caused by your disease or treatment, there are steps you can takek to make living with fatigue easier. A list of steps follows. Information about each of these steps is contained in the other sections of this article.

  • Communicate with your health care team and let them know the extent of your fatigue and how it is affecting your life.
  • Conserve energy while being as active as possible.
  • Exercise (even mild exercise).
  • Schedule your days.
  • Keep track of your symptoms.
  • Decrease stress as much as you can.
  • Get emotional support.  
    • Keep the lines of communication open. Share your concerns and emotions with team members such as spouses, partners, family members and friends -- even if it's only on the telephone. 
    • Consider joining a support group of people going through what you're going through. Support groups can be validating, help you view your fatigue differently, and/or can provide helpful tips for living with fatigue. To learn more about why to join a support group, how to find one that works for you, and tips about support groups, click here.
  • Optimize nutrition. Follow simple tips for when you are too tired to cook such as making meals ahead of time and storing them in ready-to-eat single portions.
  • Consider:
    • Taking health supplements to help boost energy levels  [after first clearing your choice(s) with your doctor]
    • Asking for medication to manage fatigue from side effects such as anemia or infection.
  • Consider complementary therapies.
  • Beware of illegal stimulants. Substances such as cocaine or crystal meth may provide temporary relief to fatigue, but are not recommended because: 
    • They are illegal. Do you really want to spend precious time in jail?
    • They are usually followed by a devastating crash.
    • They are likely to interfere with compliance with your drug and/or treatment protocols, which can impact your health condition negatively.


  • Be sure to report symptoms of fatigue and/or depression to your doctor or other health care provider.
  • Initial studies  offsite linkindicate that light therapy may help fight fatigue.

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