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Work: Time Off Because Of Health


Most employers have a variety of programs that can be used to take time off because of a health condition or treatments for a health condition. Some programs are intended to be used if an employee is sick. Others aren't. There are also government programs which provide an income in certain circumstances.

It's up to you to:

  • Realize when you need to take time off.
    • Quite simply, take a break when you need one.You don't need to be a hero. We're talking about your mental and physical health. We're talking about your life.
    • Maybe you're having problems adjusting to new medication, or you have a round of chemotherapy coming up that you know will wipe you out for a few weeks, or maybe you're just stressed out from trying to juggle your work, your personal life and your medical condition all at once. You may even want the time to rest and regain your strength so that you can jump back into the fray refreshed and ready to go forward.
    • It's understandable if you need to balance your finances against time off. Many programs pay you while you are off work, at least for a short period of time. If finances will be a problem, read our article about a Financial Crunch. It will give you ideas how to get through a rough patch.
  • Understand the basics of the various employer and government programs available to you.
  • Figure out how to maximize the various programs for your benefit. To learn how, click here.

In many ways, leaving work for brief periods can be more complex and stressful than leaving work permanently.

Employer programs to consider include those which provide paid time off as well as those which permit time off but don't continue an income. Government programs also provide paid time off.

With a little planning, you can maximize your benefits when you need time off from work.  First look to paid time off. Then to unpaid time off.

  • Paid time off includes: holidays, sick leave, vacation and personal days, negotiated time off including time as an accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act, Short term disability programs, Long Term Disability, Workers Compensation, and government programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.
  • Unpaid time off includes: Medical leave of absence, and time off under the Family And Medical Leave Act.

A Leave Tracking Chart helps keep track of what to expect during each week of your time off.

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