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Short Term Disability Income: State Programs


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Name: Temporary Disability Insurance

Who Must Carry: Employers must carry insurance coverage or have a sick leave program that includes the minimums described in the state program.

Premium: The employer may deduct one-half the premium cost but not more than 0.5% of weekly taxable wages up to the maximum set annually by the Division.

Benefits: Cash benefit up to 58% of your average weekly wages to a maximum.

Taxes: Hawaiian Temporary Disability Insurance benefits are taxable to the extent that the employer pays the insurance premiums. For example, if the employer pays 50% of the premiums, 50% of the benefits will be subject to income tax.

Waiting period: 7 days, benefits start on the 8th day.

Benefit Period: 26 weeks of payments during a benefit year.

Covers: Full and part time workers, except employees of the federal government, certain domestic workers, and other specific categories.

Eligibility: You must have been employed at least 14 weeks during each of which you were paid for 20 hours or more and earned not less than $400 in each of the four completed calendar quarters before the onset of your disability. The 14 weeks do not have to be consecutive or with just one employer. It doesn't matter whether you have a pre-existing condition. Medical questions aren't asked.

Claim Forms: Available from your employer. You complete Part A: Claimant's Statement. The employer completes Part B:  Employer's Statements. Then you have your doctor complete Part C:  Doctor's Statement. Completed claim form must be filed with the insurer within 90 days of the disability date.

Source of Coverage: Coverage is either purchased from an insurance company or the employer (or union) establishes a self-funded plan.

For more Information: See offsite link. Look under Wage Loss Replacement Laws offsite link; then under Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance Law offsite link. The state site only provides a little information and it is almost hidden and must be downloaded. A better overview of the state program can be found at a commercial site directed at selling TDI coverage to employers: offsite link.

Contact numbers for state offices are:

  • Oahu 808-586-9188
  • Hilo 808-974-6464
  • West Hawaii 808-322-4808
  • Maui 808-984-2072
  • Kauai 808-274-3351

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