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Postby brad_2f44d » Wed Oct 15, 2008 7:28 pm

Desparately seeking some assistance!!
I am a person living with HIV/AIDS. I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1995. At that time I was very ill and told by the Doctors I would not have long to live. Since then there have been new drugs and advances in treating HIV. At that time I had to give up my job and career and go on disability. I am now healthy due to new drugs, and treatments for HIV. I am receiving Social Security Disability, Medicare and Medicaid. I am pretty much healtly and would like to return to work but have been unable to find a job that would provide me the medical benefits and pay for the drugs the drugs that keep me alive. I am so bored and unhappy and I am unable to live on the Social Security Disablilty Income I receive. Please help me find a job that would provide the medical benefits to pay for my HIV care and drugs and allow me to go back to work!! Besides the minimal side affects of my HIV medications I am pretty much healthy and very active. How do I go about returning to work and keeping my life saving benefits??? Please help me!! I cannot seem to find a way out of this trap!! I have contacted all the HIV/AIDS organizations I can find to see how to deal with this problem!! I can no longer afford to live on Social Security Disability benefits. It is not enough to live on!! I need help!! No one seems to understand how bad this problem is for some of us long term survivors!!

Thank You,
Brad Abercrombe

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