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How To Hold A Garage, Yard Or Tag Sale


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If you are considering a garage, yard or tag sale, 

  • Think about whether you can handle the emotions of people pawing through your personal possessions -- perhaps even laughing at them -- or rejecting them entirely. If the emotions that a sale bring up are a problem, ask someone else to handle the sale for you -- even a professional if necessary.
  • If you so desire, there are professionals who will conduct a tag sale for you.

Once you decide to go ahead:

  • Make sure it's okay to have such a sale in your area. Ask your town clerk whether you need a yaerd-sale permit and about restrictions on posting signs.
  • Check your property for situations that could present a safety hazard.
  • Keep pets indoors.
  • Let neighbors know in advance.
  • Consider joining with friends and neighbors to create a larger sale if your items won't fill at least 3 tables and some left over to spread around. Joining with others also brings in more potential buyers.
  • Market your sale so people know about it.
  • Decide whether your goal is to get rid of as much as possible or to make as much money as possible. If you want to do both, and have the time, do the first sale seeking as much money as possible. Another time set prices low to get rid of as much as you can.
  • Decide ahead of time what to do if it rains. You can pitch a tent or make room in  your garage in case of rain. Have a tarp or plastic on hand to cover your items. If you set a rain date, include it in your ads and posters.
  • Don't assume that what is junk to you is junk to everyone else. For example, people have been known to purchase broken VCRs for the remote.
  • Work out an arrangement so you can accept credit cards.  You can even do it on your phone these days.
  • Be aware of potential liability.Check that your  Homeowners Insurance policy or other liability insurance covers potential purchasers coming on to your premises.

NOTE: If you do not have a Homeowners Insurance policy with respect to your residence, now is a time to get it. The last thing you need with a history of a serious health condition is a loss that you cannot afford. 

On the day(s) of the sale:

  • Have change on hand.
  • Set up an hour ahead of time so you are ready for early birds.

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