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How To Save Money Day To Day (Spending Less)

Coupons and Smart Phone Apps

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You can save a lot of money by using coupons and smart phone apps.


Coupons are an easy way to save money because they provide a discount often otherwise unavailable. 

Coupons can also cost you money. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Coupons are generally for pricier brands. A discount from a high price may still be higher than a generic alternative. This may be worthwhile if the pricier product is indeed better, but is a money loser if it is not.
  • Shop wisely. Coupons may induce you to purchase foods or other products you would not normally purchase - including unhealthy food products.
  • Look closely at a deal which includes "Free". A free extra can cause you to spend more than you otherwise would.
  • Don't spend the savings on a "luxury" item that you would not have purchased if you didn't think you just saved some money.

Coupons are available on line in addition to in periodicals such as the Sunday newspaper (which is a major source of coupons). There are so many online coupon sites tthat searching all of them would be a full-time job. Instead, consider a site and/or app which aggregates information such as the following:

Also, consider contacting the web sites of the companies that manufacture the products that you use continuously. Many companies provide printable coupons on their web site or will send you coupons if you sign up for their newsletters. (You can search for the company web site in your favorite search engine)

Smart Phone Apps

In addition to the sites listed above which often have their own smart-phone apps, consider the following apps::

  • Check stores where you shop frequently to find out if they have an app, as well as what online coupons are offered and how to obtain them. You can either check on line or at the store.
  • Pushpins. When you scan a grocery item in a store, this iphone app lets you know if there are any copuons available. 
  • QR (Quick Response) - to access deals by scanning a bar code.
  • Schooger. You can search by location, retailer name, category or key word. You can even get alerts that inform you when new coupons are posted. (Android, Blackberry and iPhones)
  • Yowza!!. Locates coupons within 50 miles of where you are. Coupons are sent to your phone for the cashier to scan. (Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Palm Pre phones)

You can also get coupons directly on youir credit or debit card with what are referred to as "card-linked" savings. According to Bottom Line Personal, these savings are automatically enabled with some cards. With others, you log on to a Web site or download an app to activate the feature.  When you buy something for which you have a card-linked offer, you automatically get the savings. For example:

  • Ally Perks (debit cards)
  • American Express' Amex Sync on Facebook
  • BankAmeriDeals from Bank of America
  • OfferLink from Wells Fargo, Barclays and CitiBank credit cards
  • Saving Star (groceries)

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