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Safer Sex: Level Of Risk Of Transmission of HIV and Other STDs
















Masturbation: Solo or Mutual ("Jerking off" "hand-job" "making someone cum") with or without latex glove.






Intercourse ("fucking" "screwing" "getting laid") (penis/vaginal or penis/anal). Low risk to both partners with proper use of a condom.



Intercourse (penis/vaginal and penis/anal) without a condom or improperly used condom. High risk is to both partners. Evidence indicates the risk is even greater to the receiving partner.

Kissing (lips)


Kissing with tongue ("French Kissing") with no open cut in mouth


Kissing with tongue ("French Kissing") with exchange of blood (when there is blood in the mouth)

 Kissing with open mouth or tongue when there is open cut or sore in a mouth


Receiving fellatio ("blow job" "head"): oral sex with a penis

Performing fellatio with use of a condom


Performing fellatio 

without use of a condom, particularly if there is ejaculate





Performing cunnilingus ("eating out" "licking pussy" "box lunch")with use of a condom, dental dam or plastic wrap


Performing cunnilingus

without use of a condom, dental dam or cling wrap




Fisting (anal or vagina), giving or receiving, with a latex glove and plenty of lubricant.


Receiving Fisting (anal or vagina) without a latex glove.


Unprotected penile intercourse or the insertion of shared sex toys within several weeks of receiving fisting.

Contact with Urine on the body ("Water Sports" "Golden showers")

Contact with urine on broken skin or in the body




Anilingus ("rimming", "eating out"

"licking or eating ass"): performing or receiving.



Contact with feces ("Scat" "shit play" "Brown") and unbroken skin


Contact with feces and mucosa or with open cuts, sores, lesions, ulcers, burns or rashes.





S & M without possibility of infected contact.



S & M that produces blood

Receiving or giving unshared dildoes and other sex toys


Giving shared disinfected sex toys

Receiving  shared disinfected dildoes and other sex toys or toys with a condom


Giving shared sex toys with or without a condom


Receiving shared dildoes and other  sex toys without a condom and without disinfection


Vulva to Vulva rubbing ("pussy", "beaver").

Menstruation  increases risk.




Fingering ("Finger-fucking"): anal and vaginal

IF finger does not have an open cut, sore, lesion, burn or rash.





Biting Insects (such as Mosquitoes) 

Body to body rubbing 

Casual contact such as sharing food utensils and bedding





Swimming Pools



Throwing bodily fluids (including semen or saliva)

Toilet Seats

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