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Post Treatment Fertility For Men

For Dry Orgasm Because Of Damage To Nerves During Cancer Treatment

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Some men have dry orgasm after surgery for colon cancer or after removal of lymph nodes as part of treatment for testicular cancer. But if you still have your prostate and seminal vesicles, several treatments may work. For some men in this situation, the prostate and seminal vesicles are completely paralyzed. They normally squeeze and relax rhythmically as a man's climax begins, but nerve damage can keep this from happening.

If nerve damage is mild, the prostate and seminal vesicles may still work normally. Often, though, the valve that is supposed to block semen from getting into the bladder doesn't close the way it should. If this valve stays open, semen shoots backward into the bladder instead of out through the penis during a man's climax. This is called retrograde ejaculation. When the problem is just retrograde ejaculation, there are medicines that can be taken for it. If the medicine works, normal ejaculation of semen is restored. The seminal vesicles contract, the internal valve at the bladder entrance closes, and semen is ejaculated from the penis at orgasm. In the United States, the most common medicine used to restore emission is ephedrine sulfate. Because it does not help everyone and may only work for a few doses, ephedrine sulfate is usually prescribed only for the fertile week of the woman's cycle.

Another option for retrograde ejaculation is that live sperm cells can be taken from urine a man produces just after a climax. The man is given medicine to make his urine less acidic, causing less damage to his sperm. Usually the man is asked to use self-stimulation to reach orgasm at the urology clinic. His urine is collected just after orgasm, either through urination or catheterization. The sperm cells are separated and put in a sterile solution to use in infertility treatment.

If none of these options work, another choice is to put a man under anesthesia (drugs are used to put him into a deep sleep) and a special electrical probe is used in the anal canal to trigger an ejaculation of semen through the penis. Since this procedure, called electro-ejaculation, can cause scar tissue to form, it is not used often. It must be done with a special machine that is only available in some infertility clinics.

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