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Living With HIV

Although a major source of transmission of HIV is through bodily contact, you can still be physically intimate with people. Learn how to avoid transmitting HIV to other people.

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You may not want to date or have sex with your spouse or significant other after learning you are HIV positive. However, physical intimacy is important to our well being.

You can have enjoyable sex in a manner that does not put your partner at risk, or which minimizes the risk. Rather than think in terms of black and white (safe/unsafe), think in terms of more or less risk. Our document on HIV transmission shows you how.

Be aware that knowingly transmitting HIV is so serious, that in some states the person who knowingly transmits HIV may be subjected to criminal penalties. There is always the risk of civil liability (money damages).

If you are in a couple, your becoming HIV positive may place major stress on the relationship. If the relationship becomes difficult, consider couples counseling at your local AIDS Service Organization (see: section above) and/or joining a support group with other couples.

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