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Disability Income Insurance: While On Disability


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Whether you are receiving a disability income from a government program such as Social Security, or a private program from either an insurer or an employer, the longer you are "disabled" and unable to work, the more likely there will be investigation to determine whether you are still disabled. Although it is uncertain when, or even if, there will be a disability review, it is advisable to prepare "just in case." 

The review could be as simple as a telephone call from a friendly voice. An investigator may call for an appointment. You may be asked to take a medical exam. You may even be subjected to secretive surveillance just like in the movies.

It is advisable to start now to be prepared for such contact. It will help remove the worry about whether you will be checked up on and say or do the wrong thing. It will also help you be in control. Preparation is easy. It involves a few steps such as continually reporting your symptoms and their affect on your ability to work to your doctor and  keeping a copy of your claim for and other paperwork in a safe place. (We provide a Symptoms Diary which can be useful for your meetings with your medical team as well as for disability purposes.)

If you are contacted by an investigator, it is advisable to prepare for the meeting. For instance, to review your original claims form. 

If your disability income is cut off, whether by Social Security or a private source, there are steps to take to try to get it started again and to protect other benefits.

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  • Keep in mind that insurance companies and employers have been known to use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to learn whether a person who is receiving disability income continues to be "disabled." As an extreme example, it is difficult for a person who can't walk to say he or she continues to be unable to walk when there are photos posted on Facebook showing the person dancing or sky diving.
  • If the thought of dealing directly with an insurer is unnerving or provokes undue stress, consider giving a family member or friend a Power of Attorney For Finances and letting the insurer know to deal exclusively with that person. You will have to answer questions and possibly submit to a medical exam, but your agent will have the direct contact with the insurer.

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