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Should I Change Jobs Or Even Careers?


When it comes to thinking about changing jobs or careers, the one thing the experts agree about is quite simple: don't make a change on a whim. Think it through.

Employment experts suggest that you consider:

  • The following ideas and questions. Some are obvious. Some are perhaps not so obvious, Add your own factors to think about. 
  • Writing down what you see as the advantages and disadvantages of making a move. 

Look at your answers and the list in a few days, and a few days after that. 

  • What do you like (or even love) about your current job?
    • Are you using your most productive talents?
  • What don't you like about your current position?
    • Can it be changed with your current employer?
    • Would you think about taking a new job even if you only received the same salary?
  • What affect will a change have on your benefits -- particularly health insurance?
    • Does the new job have better benefits? If so, how long will it be before they start?
    • Would you have to change doctors? Hospitals?
    • For more information, see: Effect on Benefits Of Changing Jobs
  • What affect will a change have on your real earnings?
  • Is your current job secure, or could you lose it soon either because of your lack of performance or because the company or industry are in decline?
  • Do the current employer's values agree or clash with your own?
  • What do you think of the people around you?
    • Have they been supportive since your diagnosis?
  • Is there stress from the job which is hurting your health?
    • Is your job an emotional roller coaster?
    • Would a new job be less stressful?
    • Can you deal with the additional stress of changing jobs at this point in your life? Would it be better to wait a while?
    • For tips about dealing with stress, click here.
  • Are you able to take the time you need because of your health condition?
    • Are there other companies that would be more friendly to people with your health condition?
  • Are you learning new things?
  • Are you doing your best in your current job, or just marking time?
  • Are you considering making a change because other people are urging you to or is this question your own?
  • Is it time to consider becoming self employed or starting your own business?
  • Consider talking with a mentor who can give you an idea about what a new job or career would be like. For intance, a web site, PivotPlanet, offsite link pairs people ionterested in switching careers wtih mentors for a fee. 

Consider doing a few job interviews to see how you feel. It will help you compare your current job to what's out there for you. (To learn how to ace a job interview, click here.)

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