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Part Time Jobs 101


When considering a part time job, keep in mind:

  • Just like full time jobs, as a general matter, if you work for a large enough employer, you cannot be discriminated against because of your health condition. You are also entitled to a reasonable accommodation if needed to help you do your job.     (For more information, see: Americans With Disabilities Act and similar laws.).
    • If a part time job is a long term job, you will find practical tips to consider At Work.
  • Since most part time jobs do not provide health insurance, do what you can to obtain it through:
    • The private marketplace where you cannot be denied coverage because of your health condition. For information about health insurance available in your state, see web site: offsite link.
    • Medicare 
  • If you have a full time job, and are considering adding a part time job: Be cautious. You don't want to affect your main source of income - and possibly the source of your health insurance. Before you add a second job, it is advisable to let your boss know the following:
    • What you're considering doing.
    • Whether the second job is for a given period of time or open ended. 
    • That your other work won't interfere with your full-time job. 

Main stream jobs are listed in your local newspaper, in community centers and community periodicals. Also check the internet, such as Craigs List: offsite link.

Some potential sources for non-traditional part time jobs include the following: 

Focus Group Participant

  • Focus groups ask members of the group for their opinions and responses to a particular subject or area. Focus groups are primarily used in market research for products and for political analysis. Participants are paid $40 to $100 an hour.
  • In the New York City area (including Connecticut), check out: offsite link Tel.: 212.935.6820
  • Outside the New York City area:
    • Check out Focus Pointe Global at offsite link
    • Type "focus group" into a few search engines.

House Sitter

  • A house sitter lives in and takes care of a residence (which can be an apartment). The degree of services required varies. There can be additional pay if additional services are required such as caring for a pet.
  • Look for a house sitting position at web sites such as offsite link or search on your favorite search engine under "house sitters."
  • Abigal R. Gehring, author of Odd Jobs- 101 Ways To Make An Extra Buck (Skyhorse) suggests that you get a contract in case of losses or you need to leave for personal emergency or you can't fulfill your obligation.

Mystery Shopper

  • A mystery shopper checks quality of a sales force and presentation in a store by shopping. 
  • For an idea of what is involved in being a mystery shoper, and a partial listing of Mystery Shopping companies, see: offsite link

Sales Representative (from home)

Some of the largest companies which engage part-time sales representatives are:

Freelance Labor

There are web sites that connect freelance contractors such as writers, graphic designers, programmers, and traslators with businesses that need their services. You can either offer your services on the site, or bid for assignments posted on the site. For example:

Alternatively, approach businesses in your area and offer to find free lancers for them. Companies may not want to take the time to interview potential applicants. They also may not know about these sites.


You can write a book if you are an expert on a topic or can interview someone who is who is willing to split the profits. offsite link allows  you to list your eBook, set a sales price, and choose how large a commission you are willing to pay other sites ("affiliates") who help you sell your book. Commissions of 50% of more seem to draw the greatest affiliate interest.  ClickBank charges an activation fee and a commission.

Check Yard Sales For Value

A lot of people have no idea about the value of items they own. Check the price of items you find at a yard sale on ebay offsite link and similar sites. If there's a large enough difference in price, make the purchase and resell what you buy on the same or another site..

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