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How To Apply For A Disability Waiver of Premium Under A Life Insurance Policy


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A Disability Waiver of Premium provision in a life insurance policy provides that the life insurance will continue in effect, but that premiums are no longer payable, during the period that you, the insured, are disabled.

The five steps for applying apply for a disability Waiver of Premium are:

Step 1. Check your policy to determine if you have a disability waiver of premium provision.   
Step 2. Review the details of the waiver of premium provision
Step 3. Before proceeding with applying for the waiver, consider a few words of caution if you have a group policy and are considering a sale of your policy for cash or if your policy is less than two years old. In any event, there is no reason to disclose your health condition when making initial inquiries.   
Step 4. Complete the disability waiver of premium application.   
Step 5. The insurance company will evaluate your application for waiver.

Keep paying the premiums until the waiver is approved.

  • Under no circumstances should you ignore any premium that becomes due during the process of applying for waiver.
  • Unless, and until you have been notified in writing by the plan administrator or the insurance company that you no longer have to pay premiums, it is your responsibility to make sure that the policy stays in force.
  • If you are unable to make a premium payment that comes due during the application process, utilize all of your available resources to keep the policy in force. Don't forget to consider friends or family as possible sources of short term help. You may also contact a disease specific non-profit organization in your area to see if they can be of assistance.
  • Remember a life insurance policy can be a tremendous asset after your diagnosis!

Keep in mind that you may periodically be required to provide proof of your continued disability in order to continue to receive the benefit of the waiver. The life insurance company check-up can be done by mail or by sending an investigator.

  • By mail.
    • A check-up by mail is usually done on an annual basis.
    • You will likely have to complete a short form and your doctor may need to provide updated information as well.
    • Do not ignore this requirement. Failure to comply with insurance company rules or regulations regarding your policy could result in a cancellation of the waiver and a loss of coverage.
    • If you receive a notice asking for proof of your continued disability, follow the same procedure described in Step 4. Complete the Disability Waiver of Premium Application.
  • An investigator
    • Although it is unlikely, an insurance company may send an investigator to interview you to determine if you are still disabled.
    • "Just in case" an investigator shows up unexpectedly, at least skim What To Do If An Investigator Shows Up.

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