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How To Care For A Wig

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A new wig should come with instructions for care. Following are some general Do's and Do Not's to also consider:


Clean your wig.

  • Experts advise that a wig worn every day will need to be cleaned approximately every 10 to 14 days depending upon your lifestyle, environment and amount of perspiration.
  • Wigs should only be cleaned with hair care products specifically intended for wigs.
  • Before washing your wig, carefully pick, brush, or comb the wig thoroughly to avoid tangling and to remove any foreign particles.
  • Add the specified amount of wig shampoo (never use regular shampoo) to a sink filled with water.
  • Submerse the wig and gently "swish" for one or two minutes as you would with delicate clothing such as lingerie.Do not rub your wig.
  • Rinse the wig well in cold water, making sure to clean all products out of the base.
  • Add the recommended amount of wig conditioner. Adding wig conditioner at every cleaning will maintain the shine and manageability.

Dry your wig.

  • Gently blot your wig dry with a towel, removing all excess moisture.
  • Never squeeze or wring the water from your wig.
  • Dry your wig by placing it on a wire head form or a slender object such as a shampoo bottle and allow it to air-dry overnight.
  • Avoid storing your wig on a Styrofoam head.Styrofoam heads tend to stretch a wig.
  • Do not allow your wig to dry in direct sunlight.

After your wig has completely dried, fluff and comb out with light strokes.


  • Use a hear dryer, curling iron or electric rollers on a synthetic wig. They will damage the fibers.
  • Don't use rollers with heat. Rollers may only be used if no heat is applied.
  • Comb your wig when it is wet.
  • Although it may sound obvious, do not wear your wig when opening the oven door, standing near a barbecue grill, or any other source of intense heat.Temperatures of 160 degrees or higher will cause the fibers to frizz or melt.

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