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How To Identify Your Ideal Job

Would You Prefer To Work From Home?

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Thanks to the computer revolution, 1 in 10 workers operate on their own at home. Home based work can allow you to earn money ranging from a little to a lot on your own schedule.

People who work at home:

  • Are generally their own boss.
  • Set their own hours.
  • Don't have to dress or commute.
  • Can do fulfilling work.
  • Camaraderie is limited, if not non-existent.
  • May get some tax breaks.
    • There may be a deduction for having a home office.
    • Health insurance premiums can be 100% deductible.
    • Long term care insurance premiums are deductible subject to IRS limits.
    • Subscriptions to business publications are deductible.
  • Small business owners have access to tax-favored retirement accounts such as the individual 401(k).

Computers are inexpensive, you can connect to the internet via dial-up if necessary, High speed connection is available just about anywhere you live -- via satellite if not by a land line.

There are many choices.

For instance, many companies have started using people working at home to man their call centers. While foreign workers may be cheaper, American culture doesn't always translate. For example:

  • WillowCSN, staffs virtual call centers Workers are independent contractors instead of employees. People pay for their own training. A computer that meets the company's requirements is a must.
  • Alpine Access hires people as employees to work out of their homes.

Medical coders translate doctors' written diagnoses and lists of procedures into the codes that insurance companies use for billing. Generally people need to qualify by passing an exam, which generally involves a 12-18 month course. For more information, call the American Academy of Professional Coders or see offsite link

Without training, you could write Ethical Wills or resumes for people. For more information, see Ethical Wills.

If you don't know what business you would do, and want to explore ideas:

  • Contact National Association for the Self-Employed, offsite link or 202.466.2100.
  • Read through books such as:
    • Making Money with Your Computer at Home by Paul Edwards offsite link, Sarah Edwards offsite link, Sarah Edwards offsite link, Penguin 2005
    • 200 Best Home Businesses: Easy to Start, Fun to Run, Highly Profitable,by Katina Z. Jones offsite link, Adams Media Corporation offsite link 2005.
    • The Work-At-Home Sourcebook by Lynie Arden, Live Oaks Publications, 2005 specific information for finding, applying for, and getting home work from different companies.

For information about working at home, click here. For information about starting a home based business, see Starting a Home Based Business.

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