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Hair Loss From Treatment And How To Deal With It

Hair Replacement Alternatives: Wigs, The Bald Look, Hats/caps and Scarves

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There is no right or wrong method of dealing with hair loss due to treatment. The only key is what works for you. Alternatives include: wigs,bald is beautiful, hats and caps, scarves and turbans - each of which are discussed below..


Wigs can be made both of human and synthetic hair. (For much more about wigs, including how to choose a wig, how to care for a wig, how to pay for a wig, and how to get a free wig, click here.)

Bald is beautiful 

In some circles the bald or shaved look has become fashionable over the last few years.

  • For women, bald could be considered a "bald chic look." 
  • For men, it could be "the Mr. Clean" or "Yul Brynner" look.
  • The choice is yours. If you feel comfortable with the idea, go for it! 

Hats and caps 

Many people choose to wear caps or hats during their treatment. Baseball and stocking caps, western hats, fedoras, and French berets are all popular choices for men. Women of course have a wide array of hat styles to choose from. 

Consider individualizing or dressing up your hats with accessories such as scarves, brooches or fabric flowers. 

An oncologist friend mentioned a male patient who purchased several beanies with propellers. "His hats became quite the conversation pieces. They seemed to help him get through his treatments by allowing him to express his "tongue-in-cheek" sense of humor." 

When selecting hats and caps it is recommended that you choose those made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or canvas. Natural fabrics are less irritating to your scalp and allow it to breathe. 

Scarves and turbans 

Many women and a few men opt for scarves and turbans to cover their heads. Scarves and turbans can be inexpensive and comfortable. They can also provide a break from wearing a wig. If you have night sweats, consider sleeping in a scarf or turban made from an absorbent fabric. 

You can make a turban yourself by wrapping a scarf. You can make it more permanent if you have a sewing machine or you're handy with a needle.  There are a great variety of ways to make a turban so you can readily find one to suit your personality and taste. To learn how to turn a scarf into a turban that works for you, search in your favorite search engine on the words: how to twist a scarf into a turban. 

Be certain that your scarf or turban does not fit too tightly. A fit that is too tight can irritate a sensitive scalp. 

According to CancerToday magazine:

  • Cotton or rayon scarves stay on a bald head. Silk ones don't, but can be used as a second layer. 
  • You can buy inexpensive fabric and make your own. The general recommendation is one yard of fabric.
  • You can look for ways to tie scarves online, especially in videos on YouTube. offsite link


Free and low-cost hats, scarves and head wraps are available from heavenlyhat offsite offsite link. Also see Headcovers Unlimited offsite link. A sports cap that protects against UV rays is available at offsite link

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