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Weight Gain and Loss: Causes And What To Do About It

What To Do If You Experience Weight Loss

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If you find that you are beginning to lose weight, speak with your doctor or other health care professional before weight loss becomes significant.

  • Your doctor can prescribe appetite stimulants such as Marinol. In states where it legal, the doctor may prescribe marijuana. 
  • Your doctor may refer you to a licensed nutritionist/dietitian for assistance. For information about nutritionists and dietitians, click here.

In the meantime, consider the following causes and what to do about them, as well as general information about gaining weight.

Weight Loss Causes

Diet Changes That Can Help Minimize Weight Loss

  • Increase your intake of calories by adding more high density foods. Keep in mind that healthy oils such as olive oil or canola oil add just as much calories as less healthy oils.
  • Instead of water, tea or coffee, drink healthy beverages that include calories or proteins - for example, milk or shakes.
  • Alcohol may help improve your appetite - if alcohol does not interfere with your medications. Take alcohol 20 minutes before mealtime.
  • Sweeten foods and beverages with sugar, jam, jelly or honey.
  • Eat snacks in between meals.
  • Add high-fat foods to meals and snacks:
    • Choices include butter, regular margarine, vegetable oils, peanut butter, and mayonnaise.
    • Whole milk, half and half, and cream have more calories than skim or low-fat milk.
    • HIgher-fat meats and whole-milk cheeses provide more calories than lean or low-fat types. 
    • To keep muscle mass up, exercise.
  • Consider nutritional products such as Ensure or Sustecal which help you retain weight while providing necessary nutrients.
    • If you have health insurance, it is worth checking to find out if it will pay for these products. 
    • Concerning Ensure:
      • If you have a low income, you may be able to get Ensure for free for up to a year. Call 800.222.6885. Press 5 for medical nutrition products. You will be mailed an application to take to your doctor for completion and fax back to thecompany.
      • For higher income people, Ensure has coupons available to help reduce the cost. See: offsite link. For couplons: offsite link. (You will have to answer a series of marketing type questions to obtain the coupons)
    • It is worth checking other supplement companies to see if they have programs similar to Ensure. Search on the name of the product in your favorite search engine.

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