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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - Return To Work

How Can I Tell Social Security I Returned To Work?

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You can inform Social Security on the phone, by mail or in person. Telephone is the least desired route.

Informing Social Security By Phone

You can report your return to work by calling Social Security via the toll-free number: 800.772.1213. However, you will have no proof that you informed Social Security of your return to work should Social Security later demand repayment of benefits. This can be important if you try to get the overpayment waived. You could request written confirmation of your call, but we've seen many slips between "I'll send written confirmation" and actual receipt of it. (To learn more about overpayments, see: SSI: Overpayments)

Informing Social Security In Person

You can inform Social Security of your return to work by going to your local Social Security office and personally delivering a letter outlining your work activities. (See sample letter below.) Keep a copy, of course, and request a written receipt for the letter.

Informing Social Security By Mail

You can inform Social Security by sending a letter to your local Social Security office. We suggest that any mail be sent registered, return receipt requested so you have proof of receipt.

(Your Address)

Social Security Administration

Dear Social Security:

RE: Jane Marple
Social Security Number: 000-00-0000

I wish to report that I intend to attempt to return to work part-time. I plan to start working on March 13, 2001 at Acme, Inc. at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Springdale, CD 00412. I will be working approximately 10 hours per week at $15.00 per hour for an estimated weekly earnings of $150.00 per week.

I will keep track of my hours and earnings and will report them to you upon request.

Should there be any changes in this proposed schedule, I will let you know.

NOTE: If you intend to be self-employed, you should say: "I will keep track of my hours, income and expenses and hours and will report them to you upon request."

Please let me know if you need additional information.

Very truly yours,

(Your Name)

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