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How To Hold A Garage, Yard Or Tag Sale

Tips To Help Maximize Your Income From A Yard/Garage Sale

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In order to maximize income, consider the following:
  • Make the sale a group effort. Multihome sales usually attract more people.
  • Market the sale. (For information, click here)
  • Make the site appealing to customers. 
    • Have at least 3 tables of salable items. Hopefully also have other items you can spread around the area, such as furniture. The more items on display, the more likely a passer-by will stop and look at your items.
    • Consider selling drinks at cost or low price for people who are thirsty. Perhaps even have free refreshments.
    • Consider soothing background music.
  • Place any items you do not want to sell out of sight.
  • Price items reasonably.
    • Check online auctions to find out what the items are selling for and/or conduct a search on your favorite search engine. For example, check eBay offsite link.
    • Consider getting a detailed virtual appraisal. For instance, from offsite link. You submit a photo and get a value estimate within 48 hours. The site is based in England and the home page shows British pounds. For U.S. dollars, select the currency on the 'Pricing' page before you proceed.
    • Price your items slightly higher than the price you think you can get. It leaves room for people to negotiate, and for you to come down in your price. Some pros say the price should be 20% to 25% more than you are willing to accept.
  • Clean your items. They'll look better and be more likely to sell.
  • Organize items so people can easily find what they're looking for. For example, keep clothing together.
  • Have electricity handy so people can test electrical items.
  • If items don't work, label them. If you are selling a safety item such as a child's car seat, label it "as is."
  • If an item takes batteries, put working batteries in the item. (To save money, if you need to insert new batteries, put the batteries in an item you're keeping and put the used batteries in the item to be sold).
  • Put items on tables so people can see them easily. If you don't have enough tables, perhaps you can borrow them from neighbors, or your local religious organization.
  • According to the Wall street Journal "Many shoppers say it is a turnoff when eBay auction results are posted next to objects as a way to legitimize high prices…. People aren't interested in stuff that's priced what it's worth."
  • Attach a sticker with a price on it to each item, or post a sign for items grouped together with the same price.

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