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A dental dam is a small, thin, square piece of latex that is used for Oral/Anal contact and Oral/Vaginal contact. There are flavored dental dams. Plastic wrap is the cling wrap available in supermarkets.

Both dental dams and plastic wrap can be used as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that can contain the HIV virus.

If you have any questions about how to use a dental dam or plastic wrap, speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Before Using A Dental Dam Or Plastic Wrap

Check to be sure there are no holes or other perforations. You may also want to rinse off any powder that may be on a dam.

How To Use A Dental Dam Or Plastic Wrap

To block transmission, the person who will perform oral sex holds the dam or plastic wrap against the vagina or anus of the receiving partner. The dam/plastic wrap should cover the entire vaginal opening and clitoris or the entire anal opening. This is usually accomplished by holding the dam or wrap at both edges. 

  • Only use one side of the dam/plastic wrap.
  • Do not turn it over during use. 
  • Do not use the same dam/plastic wrap on another body part.
  • Do not use it a second time.

It is optional whether to use a water based lubricant on the vagina or anus before using the dam/plastic wrap. Oil based lubricants can tear the dam or wrap.

NOTE: A device known as a "Dammit" acts like a garter belt to hold a dental dam in place. It consists of a few leather straps with adjustable snaps. A dammit frees hands. It also eliminates the risk of using the wrong side of the dam.

How To Purchase A Dental Dam Or Plastic Wrap

Dental dams can be purchased in a drug store, most adult shops or online. Plastic wrap can be purchased in any supermarket. Dammits can be purchased in adult shops or online.